Our family of teachers have a diverse background of study and practice.

All are highly skilled teachers as well as continuous students. Be Moved Studio respects and appreciates traditional lineages and teachings.

Our teachers strive to teach from integrity and it is important that our teachers love the practice they teach and are not appropriating but teaching with full appreciation of the tradition.

They teach authentically in their own teaching style while keeping with the heart of the practice.

Laura Martin-Eagle (she,her)
Still. Strong. Vulnerable. Authentic.

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Laura has been studying, performing and teaching various dance forms in Lawrence for over 40 years. She is a certified teacher of 5Rhythms® Waves level since 2001 and Heartbeat level since 2010 trained by Gabrielle Roth and a member of the 5Rhythms Teacher Association (5RTA). She has taught locally as well as at classes and events such as Nebraska HIV/AIDS conference, Kansas University, Leiden, Holland and served as Core Faculty at the Omega Institute in New York for several years. She is also an ayurvedic Practitioner (A.P.) and is a Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner with AAPNA and NAMA. Laura is the founder of Be Moved Studio and Moon Jewel Ayurveda Center. She has recently received her 200 Hour Yoga and Shamanism Teacher Training after practicing Yoga for 45 years!

laura@bemovedstudio.com | moonjewelayurveda.com

Abby Ilardi (she, her)
Creative. Intuitive. Warm. Joyful.

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Abby is passionate about creating a yoga space that is welcoming, accessible, and supportive for all people. She likes to honor each student as the true expert on their own body, and she strives to guide students toward greater awareness of their own intuitive healing wisdom. Abby recognizes that one-size-fits-all approaches do not work for everyone, so she encourages personalization, modification, and playful exploration in all of her classes.

Abby has been inspired by a variety of yoga lineages, styles, and teachers (including the lineages of Desikachar and Krishnamacharya, the practices of yin, hatha, and vinyasa yoga, the field of yoga therapy, the movement practices of dance and somatics, and the teachings of Angela Farmer), and she has experience teaching a variety of class styles in both group and private settings. She seeks in all classes to remain authentic to the roots of yoga. In addition to her initial 200 hour teacher training, Abby has specialty training in yoga for cancer care, yoga for children, and yoga for mental health.

Outside of the studio, Abby is a graduate student in counseling psychology at KU, a certified health coach, and a lover of all things creative. Her yoga classes are a fusion of her passions for yoga, mental health, self-care, and creative expression, and in her classes, she strives to hold space for self-love, mindfulness, body positivity, and healing.



Class taught by ABBY
Intuitive Yoga

Adria Ruth (she, her)
Inclusive. Engaging. Vibrant. Curious.

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Adria Ruth, E-RYT500, C-IAYT, RYDT, CYT is an experienced 500 hour level Registered Yoga Teacher, Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, Accredited Yoga Dance Teacher, and an Accredited Children’s Yoga Teacher. Adria has over 800 hours of professional training in yoga, 1000 hours of professional training in Pilates and 30 years of training in dance. She is the founder of Hawaii Yoga Institute, Hawaii Yoga Therapy, and Yoga For The People. She has led classes, workshops and teacher trainings in yoga, pilates, and dance for a variety of populations throughout the world. Her work is a masterful balance of personal depth exploration and playful inquiry into the heart of being human. Adria gives gratitude foremost to her primary teacher and mother Sharanagati Devi Dasi, also to her mentors; Nancy Shipley-Rubin, Kayse Williams, Luisa Teish, Mark & Sheri Akers, Manu Meyer, Laura Martin-Eagle, Shelly Morris, Megha Buttenhiem, Maria Lalita, Cliff & Arlene Kindy, Joseph & Lillian LaPage, and Don & Amba Stapleton. She is excited to be returning in 2019 to teach in Lawrence within the rich diversity of community and landscape that Kansas has to offer.

Classes taught by ADRIA

Boogie Nights

Mariel Ferreiro (she, ella)
Liberated. Curious. Grounded. Compassionate

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Mariel (she/ella) is a queer Xicana of color who specializes in truama informed body work, practicing Curandera, TRE provider, anti-racist centered approaches, with a foundation in abolitionist theory. Mariel is a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor through Sundara Yoga Academy and body worker with over 200 hours in other yoga specific trauma informed study. She is also a certified provider for Trauma and Tension Release Exercise, a practiced designed by Dr. David Berceli (https://traumaprevention.com/). Mariel is inspired by her ancestors, specifically her great grandmother who was her village healer and Black Feminist theory. She is a community organizer focused on collective liberation with specific training in facilitation and transformative justice models. Mariel is focused on honoring all aspects of yoga and the collective movement to decolonize this practice. She also integrates functional movement and mindful movement into her practices in order to be accessible to all bodies and identities. Mariel’s work is founded on the ideology and writing of Octavia Butler, Gloria Anzaldua, Toni Cade Bambara, adrienne maree brown and many others. Mariel firmly believes we can make the future, our collective liberated revolution irresistible. 

Class taught by Mariel
Yoga For People of Color

Amie Carter (she,her)
Passionate. Curious. Loving. Challenging.

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Amie first found a love for yoga as a teenager. She has practiced on and off for years and eventually ended up in a San Francisco studying for her doctorate in psychology. After working with many populations, and knowing the gifts and wisdom yoga had brought into her life, she decided to write her dissertation creating her own specific yoga therapy. After many small yoga workshops and trainings, Amie studied under Baba Hari Das, receiving her 200 hour certification in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in 2008. She continued working on her dissertation, education, and work as a therapist. In 2010, with a M.A. in Clinical Psychology and after exploring both the east and west coast, Amie decided to return to her roots and work with clients through her experience as a yoga teacher and therapist. Amie’s love of being a student and yoga studies has her traveling to take workshops as well as taking workshops in the area while becoming adept in Restorative, Yin, Pre/Postnatal Yoga, and Child/Family Yoga and studying Ayurveda more in depth. In 2015 Amie completed her 500 hr YTT with Gopi Sandal in Bhakti Yoga, based on Iyengar Asana. She loves working with people of all ages and abilities, but helping people feel better is where her passion for teaching yoga lies. She loves seeing how yoga changes lives. After severely breaking her arm, Amie was given the opportunity to dive even deeper into Yoga and its power to heal and balance health. Teaching private yoga has given her the opportunity to dive deeper in with her yoga teachings. Amie designs all her sessions for the people/person present and incorporate different styles of yoga, self massage, and myofascial release.

Class taught by AMIE
Self-Care Yoga

Rucha Joshi (she, her)
 Mindful. Loving. Eccentric Original.

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Rucha considers herself to be an endorser of traditional Yoga. She has always had a passionate relationship with Yoga ever since she was a kid. However, her love for Yoga deepened a few years back when Yoga helped her overcome some personal health conditions. Since then, she has been very passionate about helping others and creating more awareness about the power of Yoga. She prioritizes making her classes inclusive for everyone irrespective of their age, gender, cultural background or their previous experience with Yoga. She is a firm believer that Yoga is not just a type of exercise, but it can be a lifestyle. 

Rucha received her Certificate as a Yoga Instructor and Therapist from a Leading Yoga Institution, Yog Vidya Gurukul (www.yogapoint.com) from India in 2018 and also received an Advance Diploma in 2019. In 2020, Rucha became a Yoga Wellness Instructor certified by the Government of India. Her primary lineage of Yoga practice is Patanjali’s Ashtanga (Eight Step) Yoga. She is also inspired by other literatures of Yoga including Hath Yoga, Goraksh Sanhita, Gherand Sanhita and Shiva Sanhita. Along with teaching Yoga for beginners, Rucha also specializes in different types of Yoga including Micro Yoga, Power Yoga, ‘Omkar’ meditation, Yoga for older adults, Yoga for Menopause, as well as Yoga Therapy for Mental Health. 

Outside of Yoga, Rucha Graduated as a Clinical Psychologist from India and now a Graduate Student in Counseling Psychology at The University of Kansas. She also shares a love for nature, theatre, music and creative writing. Rucha strives to bring her personality, values and passion in her Yoga classes and encourage all  students to accept and embrace their own. Her goal is to create an open and healing space for the students.


Class taught by Rucha
Yoga 101

Samuel Beecher (he/him)
Sensitive. Kind. Enthusiastic. Wild.

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Samuel Beecher is a Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner and a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner. The curriculum in these trainings have supplemented his intuitive, play-based approach to teaching movement and has expanded his teachings from fitness to include therapeutic movement, structural support, and embodiment education.

5Rhythms was Samuel’s first exposure to Be Moved Studio and dance and has been deeply supportive in his journey to experiencing and expressing feelings through the body. Dance and movement, combined with subtler forms of body and energy work, showed him how body centered practices provide nourishments and healing beyond the physical. Samuel feels passionate about engaging in a variety of movement practices as each one shows him a different part of his being, helps him experience a greater range of (e)motion, and deepens his engagement with community.

Outside of the studio, you might find Samuel riding his bike, jumping on rocks near the river, climbing a tree in a park, or on the monkey bars at a playground with his young daughter. He has plans to continue his education to include more embodied movement practices, manual therapies, and somatic therapies.

Class taught by Samuel
Hellerwork Movement 

Camilah Hicks (she/her)
Endlessly Curious. Fun. Open. Authentic.

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Camilah Hicks is a RYT-500 yoga instructor, meditation and pranayama leader, Reiki provider (3rd-level), sound therapy practitioner, clinical aromatherapist, herbalist, facilitator, intuitive tarot reader, PhD Social Welfare student at the University of Kansas, and all-around believer in the magical, mystical, and unspeakably beautiful. Camilah believes emphatically in social and reparative justice, the need and right for self-care, and the pursuit of joy. hickscamilah@gmail.com  www.heartandthird.com

Class taught by CAmilah
Slow Flow Yoga

Katie Winslow
Strong. Intuitive. Compassionate. Nurturing.

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Katie Winslow is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist whose goal is to encourage personal empowerment and physical transformation through her bodywork and teachings. She began her journey in yoga a decade ago in college and has never ceased. She’s been teaching the art of yoga for 8 years, and instructing on other forms of movement for more than half her life. Katie aims to convey the importance of making friends with the self and feeling good to enhance the path to well-being. Katie’s vast understanding of the human body and its mechanics allows her to teach through anatomy and subtle movements. This allows students to individuate their own truth towards awareness.

Class taught by Katie
Be Still Meditation

Shannon Gorres (she/they)
Deep. Rooted. Heartful. Dynamic.

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Shannon Gorres is a holistic counselor and nature therapy guide.  In 2009 she completed Siromani teacher certification at the Sivananda Holistic Health and Self-Realization Yoga & Vedanta Ashram.  In 2010 she completed an additional 108 hours of yoga teacher training with local teacher Gopi Sandal (Bhakti & Iyengar).  Then in 2014, she studied Anusara in Berkeley, California, while she completed a Masters of Divinity. Shannon teaches yoga as a mind-body-spirit practice to cultivate deeper love, inner peace, and divine attunement. Her website is: DivineNatureTherapy.com

Class taught by shannon
Sivananda Yoga

Sally Birmingham (she/her)
Approachable. Gentle. Non-Judgemental. Lighthearted

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Sarah “Sally” Birmingham has a love for both Vinyasa and Iyengar styles of yoga, and has also been influenced by Yi,, Restorative, and gentle forms of Yoga. Other interests include art, farming , herbalism, activism, and traveling, all of which have overlapping therapeutic benefits that have informed her yogic path. 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, received in Austin, TX. 2014. 15-hour Trauma-informed Yoga Certification received in Oakland, CA. 2018. Sally habla español.


Class taught by SAlly
Sub, Outreach classes

Be Moved Studio is a safe space to open my body and energy center. I feel safe and accepted to move.

All teachers are wise and hold/instruct excellently.
~Renee B

Be Moved Studio is a sanctuary of movement arts for those that are seeking a deeper connection to body, mind, spirit~ self and community in Lawrence, Kansas.

Come to our beautiful and spacious historic studio, celebrating 20 years in the heart of Downtown Lawrence to experience vibrant, sacred, and heart-filled movement.




Be Moved