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Meet Rucha! Name: Rucha Joshi (she/her) Place Born: Maharashtra, India Location of first yoga/movement/class:  I had been learning yoga at a small studio in my hometown of Pune, India for a few years and I was fortunate enough to begin my practice classes at the same place after becoming a yoga instructor. 

By Laura Martin-Eagle   When I was little this song was in one of my songbooks of piano music. To me this one was hilarious because I thought it was about boobs. It’s not. It’s about wondering if Summer will ever come…Well it is coming to Be Moved Studio!    WE ARE SOFTLY OPENING JUNE 6TH. We are starting with a limited schedule and pre-registration is required. We are staying...

by Laura Martin-Eagle

It is hard to believe that our doors have been closed for almost a year now. I have walked into the studio several times in these past months and can still feel you. It has been the closest to a hug that I have felt in quite awhile. In all honesty, I have been struggling with my decision to keep the studio open. Paying rent on an empty building has been difficult financially and emotionally. Like many of us, although we have a practice such as dance, meditation or yoga, we have struggled this past year with all the stress and anxiety of the unknowns, isolation, as well as physical and emotional traumas that we have been navigating through the pandemic and the lifted white veil of systemic racism.