Free Community Yoga at Be Moved Studio

Free Community Yoga at Be Moved Studio

By Laura Martin-Eagle

Be Moved Studio has been offering classes for almost 20 years. For most of that time, there was no advertising other than word of mouth yet folks still found their way up the stairs to us.

About 25 years ago, I took three of my babies to jamaica. We walked to the road where the  guys hung out by their parked cars waiting to give tourists rides. One young man jumped into his car and drove across the street to pick us up. I asked him how much to carry us to Paradise Yard, the restaurant we were heading to that was just a few minutes down the road and he said no problem, there is no charge today. He said you just can’t charge every time. Sometimes you just have to do it for free.

That has always stuck with me. A simple kindness, simply put. Almost a decade ago we started offering Free Community Yoga. We wanted to share our gratitude and also provide a space where all yoga teachers in town were welcome to share their practice and at the same time offer the community a chance to experience a variety of  classes and learn when and where they teach in town. I have deep gratitude for all the teachers that have donated their time here.

Although we have had shifts and pauses in the past, we are currently offering Free Community Yoga every Monday night at 7-8 PM. The class is always free, tips for teachers are always accepted, beginners and advanced students alike are always welcome in our community practice. We hope to see you Monday nights at 7pm!

P.S.  By an odd set of Cosmic coincidences, the owner of Paradise Yard in Jamaica has been to Be Moved several times!

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