Please Join Us For Special Events

We offer workshops and special classes in Yoga, 5Rhythms, Ayurveda, Kirtan and more. We are pleased to be showcasing local artists for Final Fridays events as well.

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Final Fridays – Featured Artist

In The Cards, Pt. 2

Angie Schoenherr is a self-taught Lawrence artist who creates nature and folklore inspired drawings, photos, and paintings. She uses art as a method of meditation in observing and exploring the patterns, cycles, and connections in different forms of life.

In this collection of work, Angie is referencing from and re-imagining some of the first known images of tarot cards. These pieces are meant to examine various ideas of fate, divination, and the interpretation of omens.

Contact info:

By appt. until Sept. 25th, 2019

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Ayurvedic Infant Massage

with Ayurvedic Practitioner/Ayurdoula Laura Martin-Eagle

Bring your babies to learn the traditional Ayurvedic techniques of Infant massage.
We will discuss:                                                                                                                        *Psycho-social and physical and growth benefits for infant as well as for parent
*Rhythms of mama and baby
*When and when not to massage baby
*The ‘5 Warms’
*Cues and Tips
Together we will massage our babies while gently being led through each step.
Ayurvedic snacks and tea will be offered.

Please bring extra blankets, diapers and whatever you may need to keep baby nice and warm and comfortable…and if you are expecting a baby soon please just bring a teddy or doll to practice with!
The first 2 to sign up may come for free in exchange for filling out our short questionnaire. Please let us know if you would like to be one of the two by emailing info@moonjewelayurveda or send us a message here.

Aug 10, 10 -11:30am

Cost: $15

Breathwork Healing

Join us as we spend time connecting to our breath and our bodies. Our breath is our vital life-force energy that has great healing power. Let’s relax, release, and let go. We All have the innate capacity to heal ourselves. Breathwork is a deeply profound experiential experience that allows for us to release what is no longer serving us…emotionally, physically, mentally, and energetically. We tend to “hold on” to things in our bodies on all levels and most of the time we are unaware of how to move it or maybe even understand why we have this block, pain, or stuck-ness. When we engage deeply with the breath, we allow for us to move through the holding patterns into a deep releasing space.

“Breath is the link between mind and body.” -Dan Brule

Benefits of Breathwork:
Boosts the immune system, detoxifies at a cellular level, oxygenates & nourishes the lungs & body and purges the body and brain of chemicals.
Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Balances & Harmonizes our Body, Mind & Spirit
Deepens Awareness and Presence
Expands Consciousness
Enhances Clarity & Direction
Amplifies Intuition & Creativity
Releases Stuck Emotional Wounding
Awakens & Aligns us to our Divine Purpose

What to bring:
Please dress comfortably.
Bring your yoga mat
Eye mask
Water bottle

Sun, August 25, 1:30-3pm

Cost: $40

Ayurveda For Beginners

with Ayurvedic Practitioner Laura Martin-Eagle

This introductory hands-on event will demystify the 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in terms of body type, body imbalances, psychological type, and the simple wholesome ways to bring balance in accord with nature. We will discuss daily self-care, diet, and most importantly, how we eat. Information about the Autumn cleanse will be share with special discounts for signing up.

For more information, please send us a message

Saturday Aug. 31st, 1:30-3pm

Cost: $15

Ayurveda Self-Care

with Ayurvedic Practitioner Laura Martin-Eagle

We will discuss Ayurvedic daily routines that keep us in balance with nature. We will explore various practices such as cleansing our five senses, oil pulling, pranayama (breathing techniques), Yoga asanas practiced for your dosha, and more. In this hands on class, we will each create a daily routine that will begin to restore and refine our balance in nature. Previous introduction to Ayurveda is helpful but not required.

For more information, please feel free to send us a message

Saturday Sept. 7th, 1:30-3pm

Cost: $15

The Season of Spice:  Beginner’s Guide to Ayurvedic Cooking

with Ayurvedic Practitioner Laura Martin-Eagle

Come enjoy the sights, sounds and aroma of Ayurvedic cooking!  We will learn about the 6 seasons and  the 6 tastes of Ayurveda. We will then prepare a simple healing dish and learn how to properly use the spices with their medicinal properties to bring balance to our own bodies. This class will meet at Moon Jewel Ayurveda’s teaching kitchen. The location will be given upon registration. Previous introduction to Ayurveda is helpful but not required.

For more information, please send us a message!

Saturday Sept. 21st, 1:30-3pm

Cost: $15

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

A 5Rhythms Pilgrimage

A pilgrim (from the Latin peregrinus) is a traveler who is on a journey to a holy place (says wikipedia). Some of us love the darkness, some of us fear it. I invite us all to meet it together held by the container and medicine of the 5Rhythms. We will dance in the shadows and the light through flow, staccato , chaos, lyrical and stillness. Join us in this cosmic love dance between the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine~ Let’s dive deep into the mystery and discover where we shine.

Friday Sept 13th, 7-9:30 pm, Saturday Sept 14th, 11am-6pm, Sunday Sept 15th, 10:30am-6pm

Cost: $220/ $195 early bird

Sister Prayers: Self-Portrait

A 5Rhythms Women’s Circle of Movement 


~ In-To-Me-I-See ~ 
Dear Sisters, the circle has opened… Take our hands and join our circle of women dedicated to the journey of wild abandon and holy ecstasy~ We dive deep to the realms of intuitive, visceral and instinctual movement to invite and invoke our deepest healing essence as we move our bodies in our shapeshifting beauty, wisdom and power. I look forward to being with you again in all your vulnerability and authenticity.

I hope you will join us on this monthly journey to exposing, expressing and ecstatically being in the body as a woman to see and be seen. We will be safely held in the container of the 5Rhythms movement practice as we use film, digital images and video, drawing and more to create the portrait of the self.

1st Sundays, November-March 1:30-5pm

Cost: $240/$200 early bird until Oct.1

 (cost includes all materials and last class optional dinner)

Be Moved Studio is a sanctuary of movement arts for those that are seeking a deeper connection to body, mind, spirit~ self and community in Lawrence, Kansas.

Come to our beautiful and spacious historic studio, celebrating 20 years in the heart of Downtown Lawrence to experience vibrant, sacred, and heart-filled movement.


Be Moved