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We offer workshops and special classes in Yoga, 5Rhythms, Ayurveda, Kirtan and more. We are pleased to be showcasing local artists for Final Fridays events as well.

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with laura martin-eagle

Within each of us dwells the beating heart playing out the rhythm of our lifetime. Traumas and dramas, joys and surprises~all the stories that we accumulated and those yet to be experienced. In this one day workshop, we will gently traverse the emotional map of the heart through a journey of rhythms. We will set aside our stories and find the medicine that comes with moving in the presence of our emotions. We will invite the teachers of fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion to show us the way to be present in our own hearts. Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythm’s Heartbeat map will be the safe container that holds our emotional stew as we move toward the true nature of the heart. Be released, be held, be love.

This workshop counts for 1 day of Heartbeat; 6 hours of Heartbeat workshops, towards Teacher Training pre-requisites.

Dec. 17, 2022


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Sweat Your Prayers New Years Dance & Ritual

with laura martin-eagle

This event will be an opportunity to dive into the 5rhythms with the intention of letting the past be, and putting our prayers and dreams of the coming year into our dance and body memory. First timers and seasoned 5rhythm dancers alike are welcome to this extended class as we move through flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness to discover that sacred deliciousness that is uniquely yours.
Please wear loose, layered clothing. Water is available at the studio. (as well as other forms of goodies to eat!) I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!
Please join me in this special event!

“For you, the Lover has commissioned this spinning galactic dance floor,

& is now there upon the threshold of your heart’s hesitation saying:

O come my Sweet, don’t be shy, for it makes my Soul smile

to see your Mind & Spirit move together like that.”

~Dreaming-Bear Baraka Kanaan

Jan 1, 2023


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 Intuitive Breathwork Workshop: Energy, Astrology, Soundand the Spirit of Breath

On this full moon join us for an experiential workshop to align with the current energy on the planet awe journey through our energy centers and experience intuitive breathwork. This type of breathwork is an active breath pattern using conscious-connected breath cycles, body awareness, and sound healing. Guided by Cassie’s magical voice and Divine Dj skills, we will come together with the intention of having a co-creative experience, unity mindset, and shared heart.

  • Following the breathwork session, Cassie will hold space for integration and sharing through journaling, discussion, and tea ceremony. 
  • Please bring a yoga mat/blanket and a journal and an optional eye mask. 

Breathwork is the purposeful application of conscious, connected breathing in a group setting, guided by Cassie and the Spirit of Breath, and held within a sacred container of a therapeutic intention, relationship, and community. For thousands of years, humans have found by changing the rate, ratio, volume, and flow of the respiratory cycle, there can be experiential and perceptual shifts in consciousness, spiritual awareness, cognition, and self-identity.  More recently, when applied therapeutically, the shifts experienced in conscious, connected breathing seem to be linked to a deeper sense of inner connection, somatic groundedness, emotional empowerment, and psycho-spiritual integration.

Considerations: This style of breathwork can be demanding physically, energetically, and emotionally; therefore we do not recommend it for anyone that is pregnant, has cardiovascular disease, severe hypertension, severe trauma exposure, epilepsy, or has had recent major surgeries. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

First Fridays on the Full Moon

Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mar 3, April 4, May 5

10am-12pm/$55 per class

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with Jonathan Horan

In this workshop, rooted in Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms movement
practice, we use our dance like archeologists to dig beneath the
surface, to seek buried treasures and pearls of wisdom gleaned from
our own life experience. The 5Rhythms offer us both a map to
understanding and a way to deeply embody the patterns, waves, and
vibrations that organically move us from birth to death.
Our journey will be a deep investigation into our personal relationship
to the rhythms and rituals, the teachings and traditions, the people
and places that have formed and informed who we are. Every session
will be a deeper dance into the parts of us we wish to celebrate and
honor, as well as those parts we wish to let go.
Moving with a diverse group of people enriches our way. The work of
Cycles focuses us on our common ground, providing us with an
innovative, creative prism through which to view our journey.
Please bring a journal, some family photos, and an object of deep
meaning to you. Cycles is a course requirement for 5Rhythms Teacher
Recommended reading: Roth, Maps to Ecstasy and Sweat Your
Prerequisites: Waves and Heartbeat

Jan. 7-11, 2023

Day 1-4: 11am 6:30pm

Day 5: 10-4pm

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Energetic Soul Traveling through Sound Journeys

a ritual to self discovery with Brook Elaine

Imagine a space energetically charged with reiki, colors, shapes, ancestors, spirit guides, and sound. A place where healing, love, and support manifest. Are you open to and ready to shed what is not yours to hold any longer and discover your true
essence? Welcome to a meditative sound journey ritual to your inner world and an invitation to discover your higher consciousness and inner Divine wisdom.
Relax, replenish, and rejuvenate as sound washes around and through you. Brook channels sound frequencies, energies, and spirits to create a healing experience embraced with unconditional love. Guided meditations may be offered during sessions as well as healing touch to be received where it may do its greatest good.
All you need to bring is yourself and please feel free to bring anything comforting; crystals or objects to infuse intentions into, and a journal for reflection and connection.

2nd and 4th Saturdays beginning January 14th. 4-6pm/$22 per class

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TRE Group Shake

with TRE provider Mariel Ferreiro

Trauma/Tension Release Exercises, commonly known as TRE, is a practice created by David Berceli, Ph.D. “TRE is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma.” (Berceli). By utilizing these low impact movements along with self-regulation techniques, individuals can activate a safe natural reflex mechanism of shaking, often called a neurogenic tremor. The provider will guide you through the exercises while maintaining a safe and controlled environment allowing you to tremor or shake out existing muscular tension.

Experienced practioners* are invited to a bi-monlth group shake. We will gather together to go through Dr. Berceli’s seven exercise sequence, explore our body’s natural tremor, and learn this great self-help tool to better manage daily stress and trauma.  TRE group shake will be held on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

TRE is for all and we will accommodate and make it accessible as much as possible.

*This space is intended for folks who have experienced TRE with a certified provider. If you are interested in a beginner session, please reach out to to discuss.

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month begins February 4
3:00pm-4:30pm/$25 per class

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Community Kirtan

with Malika & Clark

Come sing with us! Kirtan is from the Indian tradition of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, and is practiced by group singing of simple mantras and the names of the divine in various archetypal forms. Whether one comes to kirtan for a sense of community, the joy of devotion, or the pure love of singing, chanting together can lead us to connect with the peace and stillness that is inherent within each of us. No prior experience is necessary.

Malika & Clark have studied traditional Sanskrit chants with Geetanjali Tiwari for 15 years. They lead chanting and Dances of Universal Peace in a variety of settings.

This class is free ~ Tips for the teachers are greatly appreciated. 


Feb 26, Mar 26, April 30, 2023

Please pre-register for class

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Final Friday: Crescent Colors
Reception Friday Nov 26, 6-9PM

Our November group art show will be a display of both color and muted tones as we traverse the seasonal change into Winter. As the color drains from our vegetation and nutrients move inward toward the earth we grab onto one last display of color. Under the crescent moon our 6 local artists will display their works for us to reflect on what we will take inward as the cold approaches.

Artist Bios~

Misti Boland
Misit Boland is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and artist who lives and works in Lawrence, KS. Her watercolor and ink works are meditative snapshots of nature.

Derald Carlson
hi, i’m derald carlson. I made my scribble prints with an ipad and apple pencil. My website is . if you would like one of my long prints, you can email me at
My mother’s father’s brother made his living taking pictures on glass plates and printing with sunlight. They are still in great condition today. I remember one he did of him playing checkers with himself. In 1942 my father had a movie camera and projector. He filmed us kids and family gatherings. I would show these to my friends from an early age. I took and developed all the pics of our high school annual. I did black and white reel to reel video in the 70’s when it was first available. I had a portable (35lb) color video when it was available. I did prints direct from video and copied with color xerox before computers were available. I;ve made thousands of different picture note cards over the last few decades, laminated letter size prints and 4×6 glossy prints.
The prints in this show are 47”x8” on epson luster photo paper. Printed on a canon G620, 6 color photo printer with cannon inks. I would like to thank Kali Deno and Be Moved for making this show possible.

Megan Gentry

Megan Gentry is a young artist based out of Topeka, Kansas. After graduating from Benedictine College with her degree in art in 2020, she now works primarily as an elementary art teacher. Megan takes her inspiration from the way children approach art with reckless abandon, and she is learning daily how to make art for the sake of sheer fun and joy. When not teaching, you can find her making sourdough, crocheting, going on bike rides with her husband, or attempting to manage her social media, which can be found @meggentryart on instagram or @meggentart on twitter. Contact info is All pieces are available for purchase. Pax!

Brook Elaine
Brook Elaine loves art, love, connection, free movement, and expression. This piece is an expression of her heart and one of her inner landscapes. 

Dan Phelps
I use art to convey concepts and express feelings I find difficult to articulate with words: unseen forces, the flow of energy, the dance of light & dark, the cycles of life & death, the harmonious balance of growth & decay, ecological interdependence, symbiotic relations (mutual benefit through interconnection/ shared strength through equitable use of resources), illusions of separation, perceptions ofreality, deeper states of awareness & consciousness, transcendence of time & space, mystical exploration, the shared breath of theuniverse, spiritual connection, creative expression, inspiration, enchantment, harmony, love. I especially like commissioned pieces, as it feels like a collaborative process. Choose your shape, size, subject matter, color palate, etc. and I’ll create something unique for you. Sliding price scale or trades are available. Dan Phelps    Guest artists: Irie Phelps (11) & Raven Phelps (7)

Adria Ruth

Adria Ruth is a non-traditional graduate student who can be found studying music, dance, plants, embodied psychology, indigenous epistemologies, art therapy, water, and ease. She also teaches dance and yoga for Be Moved Studio in Lawrence and for Hawaii Yoga Institute. For inquiries contact Adria via IG: @MoveWithAdria

Be Moved Studio is a sanctuary of movement arts for those that are seeking a deeper connection to body, mind, spirit~ self and community in Lawrence, Kansas.

Come to our beautiful and spacious historic studio, celebrating 20 years in the heart of Downtown Lawrence to experience vibrant, sacred, and heart-filled movement.


Be Moved