Please Join Us For Special Events

We offer workshops and special classes in Yoga, 5Rhythms, Ayurveda, Kirtan and more. We are pleased to be showcasing local artists for Final Fridays events as well.

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Featured Artist

I am Dan Phelps. I am a father, a husband, a tree hugging soil worshiper, a farmer (semi-retired), a mason (in-training), an artist, a dancer, etc.

I use art to convey concepts and express feelings I find difficult to articulate with words: unseen forces, the flow of energy, the dance of light and dark, the balance of life and death/growth and decay, ecological interdependence, mystical exploration, spiritual connection, harmony, inspiration, enchantment, transcendence, love.

These are best experienced rather than explained. Art is one way in which I explore these subjects. A deep connection to and relationship with the natural world is another. Dance is yet another. I am honored to share this body of work at Be Moved Studio, a sanctuary in which I have been endlessly inspired. Many of these pieces are directly influenced by my relationship to this space and the people whom I share the dance floor with on a weekly basis. Blessings.

By appt. until Mar 1, 2020

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Breathwork Healing

With Cassie L. Jones and Abby Young

Join us as we spend time connecting to our breath and our bodies. Our breath is our vital life-force energy that has great healing power. Let’s relax, release, and let go. We All have the innate capacity to heal ourselves. Breathwork is a deeply profound experiential experience that allows for us to release what is no longer serving us…emotionally, physically, mentally, and energetically. We tend to “hold on” to things in our bodies on all levels and most of the time we are unaware of how to move it or maybe even understand why we have this block, pain, or stuck-ness. When we engage deeply with the breath, we allow for us to move through the holding patterns into a deep releasing space.

“Breath is the link between mind and body.” -Dan Brule

Benefits of Breathwork:
Boosts the immune system, detoxifies at a cellular level, oxygenates & nourishes the lungs & body and purges the body and brain of chemicals.
Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Balances & Harmonizes our Body, Mind & Spirit
Deepens Awareness and Presence
Expands Consciousness
Enhances Clarity & Direction
Amplifies Intuition & Creativity
Releases Stuck Emotional Wounding
Awakens & Aligns us to our Divine Purpose

What to bring:
Please dress comfortably.
Bring your yoga mat
Eye mask
Water bottle

Sat, Feb. 15, 9:30-11am

Cost: $40

Lawrence Women’s Temple

Monthly Gathering with Jennifer Welch

Lawrence Women’s Temple is a sacred space that we create for ourselves and our sisters when we come together with a shared intention of spiritual awakening. In Temple, we do not sit around and talk about what we think embodied awakening is, instead we practice stepping directly into a real, lived awakening as we move our awareness from the mental stories we tell ourselves about who we are in the world, into our breath, our bodies and the felt sense of the moment as it arises and moves through us. In Temple, we give ourselves time and space to be breathed and moved by the feminine waters within.

A Taste of our Temple Practices

  • Entering deeper into our divine female bodies, our hips, yonis and breasts, through dance, stretching, and free flow of movement.
  • Becoming one body of female divine essence through touch, dance and movement and spontaneous flow of the moment. (This practice is to open our bodies to more of the divine feminine energy and receive nourishment from each other, strengthening, relaxing, healing and filling up our own cups).
  • Seeing deeply into each other, seeing each woman’s beauty, gifts, most true expression, essence, soul colors and loving each flavor of the divine feminine. Sharing what we see in each woman.
  • Pleasure as a way to presence. Women are made for pleasure and we enjoy that through feeding each other strawberries, smelling incredible flowers, rubbing on yummy oils or any other fun, juicy way we can think of.
  • Feeling all the way to essence, allowing expression of how deeply we feel, being in a free flow of presence with each other, sharing our emotions through bodily and voice expression and creating beauty through that.
  • Sharing our gifts in the circle.
  • Embodying the different aspects of the divine feminine, like Kali, Tara, the Mother, and Aphrodite etc. Supporting each other in expressing qualities we may hide.
  • Prayer & Gratitude, allowing and opening up to our deepest devotion.

The 2019/2020 season will be an open circle, so you can attend once, twice or all eight times that we meet.

Lawrence Women’s Temple is based on the work of Chameli Ardagh and Awakening Women Institute. Much of our practice is based on Chameli’s work.

PLEASE NOTE – The Women’s temple is not a therapy or a support group. It is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. A space where we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen in all its glory and pain, passion and vulnerability. In our Women’s temple, we meet beyond the personal, and in this expanded meeting the collective feminine as well as the personal feminine is healed and celebrated.


If these practices speak to you, we would love to have you join us in circle. If you have any additional questions, please contact me at 785-760-7259.

Sundays 2-4PM

2020: Jan 19, Feb 9, Mar 15, Apr 19, May 17

Cost: $20 with options of 4 or 8 session packages

Be Moved Studio is a sanctuary of movement arts for those that are seeking a deeper connection to body, mind, spirit~ self and community in Lawrence, Kansas.

Come to our beautiful and spacious historic studio, celebrating 20 years in the heart of Downtown Lawrence to experience vibrant, sacred, and heart-filled movement.


Be Moved