About Be Moved Studio

Be Moved Studio took its first breath in December of 1999.

Starting with just a few 5Rhythms classes, Laura Martin-Eagle slowly began to search for who she wanted the studio to be in the community. It grew organically as she met teachers that loved the practices that they taught and were offering their teaching as a spiritual practice.

The Studio has offered Yoga, Tai Qi, Nia, tribal dance, various Meditation forms and Sacred Movement Arts classes, and has hosted Women’s Temple, Yoga trainings, 5Rhythms workshops, Kirtans, Ayurvedic Workshops and Darshan talks by visiting Spiritual teachers.

There have been marriage proposals, private marriage ceremonies, pre wedding dance rituals, we have had rituals for students that have passed. Babies have grown up on the dance floor. The studio has seen children grow up and bring their children to dance here. Life, death, affairs, divorce, marriage, first dates, family gatherings…have all offered their dance to this floor.

Be Moved has served as an art space for community artists to show their work- often having Final Friday art shows in our space. Outreach to all is important … the studio has offered weekly free yoga classes to the community for over two decades as a give back as well as offering our classes for free to various local organizations.

Be Moved Studio desires that all people feel welcome here.

As the oldest Yoga studio in Lawrence at this time, Be Moved is an urban oasis, in a historical building, offering spiritual practices of yoga, 5rhythms, meditation and other sacred movement forms~ a place to learn the practices so we can be the practices… bringing the release of our true selves in to our hearts, community and into our world.

About Laura Martin-Eagle,
Founder of Be Moved Studio

I have danced as long as I can remember.

I had to learn to read before my mother would let me take ballet class, so I learned to read when I was 4. Only when I danced did I feel at home in this body, in this life.

Many years without dancing, I came back to it when entering University. The love of dance was quickly rekindled as I spent many years dancing at school and studying Dance Therapy with legends such as Marian Chace and Trudy Shoop. After the birth of my first child, I continued dancing and performing locally and nationally with Roger Shimomura and Marsha Paludan. I studied Contact Improvisation with visiting teachers Julyen Hamilton and Kirsti Simpson in the early ‘80s. While in California I studied Kathak Classical Indian dance with the master Chitresh Das who brought this form to the US.

I love all these forms of classical and modern dance and was very excited when I discovered 5Rhythms in the late 90’s that encouraged me to find my own dance. I trained with Gabrielle Roth and was certified in 2001 to teach the Waves level, and in 2010 to teach the Heartbeat level of 5Rhythms. I have taught for the last 20+ years locally, nationally and internationally.

I am also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and offer Postpartum Ritual Doula services through my Moon Jewel Ayurveda Center.  I’m fortunate to have studied with Maya Tiwari at Wise Earth School, Dr. David Frawley online program, California College of Ayurveda,  Ayurved Sadhana Doula program and Kerala Ayurveda Academy. I earned my  200 Hour Yoga and Shamanism Teacher Training in 2016 and 300 Hour Yoga and Ayurveda Immersion with Indra Yoga Institute in 2021 after practicing Yoga for 50 years!

“Laura Martin Eagle is someone I feel has been an integral part of my evolution as a person, especially in a deeper more spiritual and holistic way. I have known her for many years as a 5rhythms dance teacher. I feel that Laura’s strength’s are based in the way she makes her students feel welcome and comfortable.She has an amazing ability to create a peaceful, open and safe environment for development. Laura’s classes and workshops are always well organized and planned out. She never forgets to add the extra thing to make them special, whether that be a short poem at the beginning or a small gift to take home afterwards.

She puts all of her heart and spirit into creating the best and most meaningful experience for her students.”
~ E.K. Teacher, Argentina

Be Moved Studio is an invitation, an offering, an opportunity.

I opened this studio to invite you in, offer an array of practices and remind you that this is your opportunity to pause, take a deep breath and to Be Moved.