be moved studio

Sanctuary of Movement Arts

Yoga • 5 Rhythms • Meditation • Pranayama

EST 1999

be breathed, be danced, be moved

be moved studio

Sanctuary of Movement Arts

Dance • 5 Rhythms • Meditation • Pranayama • Yoga

be breathed, be danced, be moved
EST 1999
2 E. 7th Street, Lawrence, Kansas
Covid Safety~ Our classes are limited to 8-12 students in our very large studio to ensure 6+feet of social distancing. Masks are encouraged upon entry and may be required in your class dependent on your teachers discretion. Your safety and comfort is important to us in these disquieting times.

Dear Ones,

I’m not sure when August got downgraded to ‘almost Autumn’ instead of the hottest month of Summer but I’m personally kinda mourning that loss of 100 degree weather..Well, everyone is bustling about and school is opening and we are expanding our schedule as well. Check out our new offerings, schedule changes and special events with more to be announced soon!

SAVE THE DATE~ We are having a photo shoot on Sept 10 and we are inviting you to come sample our classes all day for free! Each teacher will offer a 20 minute sample class in a round robin style. Schedule will be announced soon!

New Students! 30 days for $30. Purchase before Sept. 30. 

Thank you for your continual support in our efforts to decolonize Yoga and honor the roots of all of the practices offered.

In motion,

Located at 2 E. 7th street in Downtown Lawrence, Kansas in the historic Liberty Hall Building on Kaw, Kiikaapoi, Očeti Šakówin and Wazhazhe Maⁿzhaⁿ land.


  • Being together is a brave space.
  • We come to the studio with a sense of curiosity and wonder.
  • We communicate using “I” statements and take personal responsibility.
  • We take a breath before responding or engaging.
  • We make room in ourselves to be respectful of different perspectives.
  • We practice “Ouch” and “Oops” by stating when we feel infringed upon, and apologize without question or defense when we have infringed.
  • We practice “Step up, Step back” and are aware of the energetic space we take up.
  • We strive for this to be anti-oppressive space and are conscious of points of privilege/oppression that live in the room, and the power dynamics between us.
  • We practice confidentiality and do not speak about shared experience.
  • We balance our self care and our community care.
               Be Moved Studio acknowledges Michelle Cassandra Johnson and Karine Bell of Rooted Global Village, whose work and training have helped facilitate these agreements.


A thriving urban oasis where ALL are welcome

Experience vibrant, sacred and heart-filled movement in our beautiful and spacious historic studio, celebrating over 20 years in the heart of Downtown Lawrence.


Movement Arts

We invite you to explore our offerings

You’re welcome to simply allow spirit/god/goddess/great spirit/mother earth/divine to express through you- to be breathed, to be danced, to be moved.



Seasonal Offerings

We also will offer workshops including Yoga specialty classes, Women’s Healing Rituals, Women’s health through Ayurveda, 5Rhythms Intensives and a free weekly yoga class (TBA).


Be Moved Studio is an invitation, an offering, an opportunity.

“I opened this studio to invite you in, offer an array of practices and remind you that this is your opportunity to pause, take a deep breath and to Be Moved.”

~ Laura Martin-Eagle, Foundress, Visionary
“Be Moved is a comfortable setting with calming people. It is beneficial both spiritually and physically.”
~ Lane Hornback