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Beginning Sept 3
Community Yoga 7-8pm/free

This class is an open, all levels class taught by the teachers at Be
Moved and other teachers in our community. Come as a beginner
or as an advanced yogi to share in our love for yoga!
Would you like to teach? Please contact to sign up!



Bone and Breath

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tribal waves daisy

Tribal Waves:
5Rhythms Movement Practice for Families
Oct 4-Nov1
// Thursdays 10:30-11:15AM
Cost per family is 5 weeks for $50

Please join Laura Martin-Eagle for this family oriented class~
We will move like the river on a sunny day
We will clap our hands and move our feet to the beat of the drum
We will jump about like popcorn in a fire
We will flutter and fly like clouds of butterflies
And we will whisper the songs of our hearts

This class will be led by Laura and guided by your babies and children. We re-learn our own authenticity by moving with our babes.
All families are welcome here. Bring your babies and children and your children’s babies.
Come if you are a son or daughter or mother or father.
Bring your tribe.
Plan to arrive around 10:15 to settle in by 10:30.

“5Rhythms was part of my life from day 1. I was never excluded from the dance, and through this inclusion, I learned of the dance's power to heal in all the cycles of my life...
...I learned I have the ability and the choice to be fascinated by moving with everything and anything. I learned that I have the power to shape and shift anything into something else. I learned that my commitment need only be to my own fascination and creativity. I learned that I am never bored but I can be boring only if I choose to be. I learned that I can choose to be the living breathing embodiment of change, of the transformation that I want to see in the world. ~Jonathon A. Horan
Chief Bear/Director 5Rhythms Global

~ and more

Please check back for new additions to our schedule!